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Argentina has an immensely strong television and film industry and boasts of having the highest standards of professional development in all Latin America.

Bue Films gives production, budgeting and shooting services that are transparent as well as reliable, according to the methods and standards of international markets. We are a full service company, covering all legalities (visas, permits, insurance, etc…) and will do whatever is necessary to complete a project. If shooting outside Argentina is also necessary, we have several contacts in Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil with whom we frequently work. Our group of professionals is accustomed to the highest of standards. We are proud of our level of skill, with the capacity and versatility to adapt to any and all situations. This adaptability also allows us to recognize, understand and fulfill all of our client’s needs, wants and desires.
Argentina has a unique geography, ranging from the subtropical North-East where the country borders Brazil, to the icy Antarctic zone of the extreme south.

›› The north consists of high desert plateaus and mountainous regions of bright, vivid colors (there you’ll find a strong Indian presence and strong colonial influence in regards to its architecture)

The northeast consists of sprawling vineyards surrounded by vast mountains

The center consists of long green plateaus (you’ll find a unique and vibrant gaucho (cowboy) heritage still prominently visible.)

›› The west consists of the towering Andes mountain range

›› The south consists of Patagonia and all its forests and lakes as well as the bare rocks and glaciers that juxtapose them, found in even further south in Tierra del Fuego

Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires is a modern city with a strong old world presence. It’s been commonly referred to as the Paris of South America, but as you wander from neighborhood to neighborhood, down street to street you begin to think that you can be in a number of different cities; New York, Madrid, Milan, and let us not forget Paris.
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The ethnic makeup of Argentina is as vast as the Andes is long. Massive European immigration together with that of the indigenous population, as well as the huge influx of people from all over South America and Asia, who headed to Argentina when the economy was prosperous, allows for the most complete and versatile castings in any of the Latin American countries. There is a racial and ethnic mixture here that is like no other in this region and which is known world over for its beauty.
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